Manila Hotel, City of Manila
February 10, 2020

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte enjoined the members of the Chinese Filipino Business Club, Inc. (CFBCI) in promoting lasting economic growth and sustainable development for the nation as he graced the organization’s 11th Biennial National Convention and 22nd Founding Anniversary.

President Duterte invited the entrepreneurs to continue investing in the Philippines with the government guaranteeing the safety and security of their businesses in the country.

“I advise you to further invest in the country because we are ready to uphold a level playing field while we foster an enabling, nurturing and global competitive business environment,” he said.

He also encouraged the Filipino-Chinese businessmen to support the administration’s campaign against corruption, crimes and illegal drugs in order to create a more conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

“The government, in turn, remains committed in our pursuit of peace and the ongoing war on drugs, crimes and corruption. We remain hard at work in fostering lasting economic growth and sustainable development,” the Chief Executive added.

The CFBCI is a group of Chinese-Filipino businessmen from various sectors in the business industry and from all over the archipelago. The organization aims to support the government in generating jobs for Filipinos and contribute to the country’s economic progress.

* * *