Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace
12 June 2016

President Benigno S. Aquino III highlighted the country’s accomplishments, triumphs, and freedom during the traditional Vin D’ Honneur at the Malacañan Palace as the Philippines celebrates its 118th independence day.

Speaking before the members of the diplomatic community, President Aquino proposed a toast to honor the nation’s freedom that led to a more secure and improved country. Now that he is about to step down from office, he is set to leave behind a peaceful and a better Philippines, reiterating that he has done his part in achieving a strong republic.

“Sa ating pamamahala, ang Pilipinas ay magiging marangal at responsableng kasapi ng pandaigdigang komunidad. Sa huli kong pagharap sa inyo, aking mga Boss, at sa koro diplomatiko bilang Pangulo, taas-noo kong masasabi: Tinupad ko ang lahat ng panata ko,” the President said.

As part of the country’s independence day celebration, President Aquino reminded the people that freedom should always be protected. He recognized its vital role in safeguarding the continuous growth and development of the country, saying, “Ang kalayaan, kailangang bantayan at alagaan. Ang lahat ng mahalaga, kailangang pagsikapanan; kailangang ipaglaban.”

In the end, President Aquino extended his warmest gratitude to the Filipino people as they worked closely with the government in attaining the fruits of hard labor for the past six years.

“To our hard won Filipino freedom: earned by the blood and sacrifice of martyrs, nurtured by the vigilance of an empowered people, may it never again be challenged, diminished, or negated,” President Aquino concluded.

*  *  *