Camp Crame, Quezon City
7 August 2015

President Benigno S. Aquino III underscored the contribution and vital role of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in securing peace and order through the years as it celebrated 114 years of unending service to the Filipino nation.

“Sa oras ng peligro, kayo ang unang takbuhan ng ating mga kababayan. Kayo ang tutulong sa kanila kung ano ang dapat gawin; kayo ang reresponde sa nangangailangan ng saklolo at ayuda. Kung natupad niyo ang tungkulin ng mahusay, o higit pa sa inaasahan, siguradong mapapasainyo ang respeto ng taumbayan,” President Aquino said as he spoke before an audience composed of PNP officials and staff.

As the standard bearers for national security and development, the President expressed his gratitude to the police force that has always been supportive to the government in promoting and achieving the desired reforms for the country. He is confident that the PNP will continue in upholding the strong image of every police men and women when it comes to responding to their call of duty, especially in protecting the rights of every Filipino citizen.

It is right and just, according to the Commander-in-Chief, to give praises and incentives to the police force for not failing to do its task. Part of this is the PNP modernization for a better service such as the approval of the procurement of essential equipment namely, 2,523 patrol jeeps, 577 utility vehicles, 5,736 motorcycles, 29,266 handheld radios, and 3,328 investigative kits, which they can use in their respective missions.

Moreover, he reported that the PNP was able to obtain the 1:1 police-to-pistol ratio that prevented the “pagbili ng rights” which, according to the President, is a practice wherein one has to buy the rights of the usage of a gun from a retiring police.

On the other hand, a more detailed and precise Crime Incident Recording System is now operating that helps in lessening crime rates and the installation of more CCTV cameras around the metro for easy crime monitoring.

With less than a year before his term ends, President Aquino expressed his vision before he steps down from office – a fairer, more peaceful and more developed police force. He reiterated their important role not just in strengthening the dignity of the police unit, but in nation building as well.

“Sa bawat pagkakataon, itaguyod ninyo ang isang PNP na laging tumototoo sa kapwa, sinasagad ang kakayahan para itaguyod ang kapakanan ng mga Pilipino, ngayon at ng susunod pang mga henerasyon,” he concluded.

*  *  *