The current flagship television program of the President runs for half an hour consisting of two major and one minor segment. PP focuses on the activities/programs/pronouncements/policies/advocacies of the Chief Executive and his Cabinet members to improve government’s performance and service to uplift the state of the nation, thereby restoring the citizenry’s trust and confidence in the national leadership. It contains the following segments used interchangeably.

Report Kay Boss The main feature of the program tackling the President’s programs/ policies/ advocacies being implemented by the Cabinet secretaries in their respective departments
A mini-feature showcasing the country’s historical landmarks and culture
A fast-paced recap of the President’s activities for the week; complete with graphics/effects and musical scoring
Mensahe ni PNoy A 30-seconder upsound/pronouncement of the President which serves as the program’s quote of the  week

In November 2011, the reformatted flagship television program of the President now consists of the following segments:

Focuses on the success stories of civic organizations/ NGOs/ youth groups recognized or awarded by the government. It features ordinary Filipinos contributing to the upliftment of the nation by serving their fellowmen. It may also include businessmen or heads of various organization and their projects
It introduces a Cabinet secretary or government official focusing more on this duties and responsibilities and as program implementor
Showcases the traditions, festivities, arts and culture that makes a Filipino a Filipino. It also shows the Filipinos’ way of life
Features current events presented in factual information understandable to the viewers in a span of a minute
Briefly highlights the most important events and meetings that the President attended within the month
Features government funded programs that help uplift the lives of the Filipinos
The reformatted Pulsong Pinoy maintained the “Mensahe ni PNoy” segment and is aired bimonthly

It was first aired on November 29, 2011 on PTV 4. Currently, it has the following airing schedule:

Saturdays PTV 4 8:00 – 8:30 pm with replays
Mondays RPN-9 12:00 mn – 12:30 am
Tuesdays IBC-13 8:00 – 8:30 am or 1:00 – 1:30 pm