Busan, South Korea
November 22, 2019

Yongdusan Park is located at Jung-gu in Busan, South Korea. It is known for its Busan Tower, which was designed after the Dabotap Pagoda of Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju. It prominently stands at a height of 120 meters and provides a spectacular view of the Yongdusan Park and beyond to the visitors.

Standing in front of the Busan Tower is the Statue of the Great Admiral Yi Sun-shin (1545-1598), which was built and unveiled in December 1955 in honor and memory of the naval admiral who, according to their history, saved Korea from invasion by the Japanese Navy in 1592.

Moreover, visitors at the Yongdusan Park get to enjoy the Flower Clock with a diameter of five meters, Dragon Statue, Bell Pavilion or Bell of the Citizens, Busan Museum of Movies, shopping stores, among others.

* * *