Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace
July 17, 2016

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte joined his batch mates from the San Beda Classes of ’71 and ’72, as well as some members from the Nationwide Legal Coordinators, at a fellowship held in Malacañan Palace to discuss current issues surrounding the country.

In his statement, President Duterte emphasized that his administration will focus on eradicating illegal drugs, criminality and corruption. He said that he would stake the Presidency, its honor, and his life to fight the said three elements currently destroying the country.

He stressed that he will not allow the country to be ‘thrown to the dogs’ nor will he allow it to be destroyed by illegal drugs and its networks. He also justified the actions of the policemen in fighting criminality, saying that he will listen to them and fight for them as long as they do not lie nor fabricate evidences.

Likewise, he pointed a provision in the Constitution on the President’s power to pardon, and said that he would use it in case some police officers will be penalized for their action in obeying his orders.

Moreover, President Duterte cited that those whom he named should not ask him for due process because he is not the right person to whom they should seek it, adding that he has a sworn duty to the people, which is to report to them the things that he knows are happening in the country.

He mentioned that he would not allow demolition without relocation, and that he will be generous to the relocatees by providing them with a suitable relocation.

Furthermore, the President said that he would speed up government service by requiring offices to provide applicants with a shopping list of what the agency requires, and that the service should be accomplished at a specific time. Otherwise, he will dismiss the erring government official or employees for incompetency. He also directed government employees to be at their respective posts for the duration of their service, and not go loafing after lunch break.

The President also mentioned that when the right time comes for him to meet with the Chinese officials, he would ask them a question on why most of their citizens that enter the Philippines are involved in illegal drugs and continue to do so, even when they are already caught and jailed in the country.

* * *