Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace
July 17, 2023

“We have put a great deal of priority on our tourism and on our investment from not only the Philippines but also abroad… In my view, this plays a part in our transformation of our economy,” said Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. when he addressed the participants of the 2023 Very Important Pinoy (VIP) Tour during a courtesy call at the Heroes Hall in Malacañan Palace.

Spearheaded by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Rajah Tours, the VIP Tour is being offered to Filipino-Americans, their families and friends, where they will get to enjoy an enriching vacation experience as they explore the country’s award-winning beaches and historical sites, as well as its rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Emphasizing how the Administration is putting priority in empowering the country’s tourism as one of its economic drivers, the Chief Executive conveyed how the government is equally looking into the Filipinos abroad whose contributions have made a name for the Philippines anywhere in the world.

“And we look to Filipinos, not only in the Philippines, but everywhere around the world, because Filipinos around the world have become and continue to become an important part, not only of our Philippines society, but also of the places where you have decided to live and work,” he added.

“And for that, we thank our Filipino brothers and sisters who live abroad and continue to make the name of the Philippines shining, and a good reputation that you have gained over so many years you have worked abroad,” President Marcos Jr. further expressed in his message.

Speaking on behalf of the 292 tour participants from across the United States of America (USA), Consul General Neil Frank Ferrer of the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco, USA imparted that the large number of participants this year signified confidence and excitement on the country’s destinations — that have been made more meaningful by the genuine hospitality of the Filipino people.

He also expressed gratitude for the Administration’s efforts in revitalizing relations between the Philippines and United States. “We have witnessed the flurry of exchanges between our two countries since you assume office and we thank you for elevating and strengthening our bilateral relations,” Consul General Ferrer said.

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